My first, self-referential, post

My intent is for this blog to be a place for me to discuss the criminal
justice system and related topics. “Related topics” is a pretty broad
category because it’s hard to imagine a topic that doesn’t somehow
relate to the defense of people accused of crimes. So I’ll probably
talk about whatever I feel like talking about here.

2 responses to “My first, self-referential, post”

  1. What do you think about US Vs Pasquantino, a case that is being heard in the Supreme Court next month regarding the wire fraud statue. I find it most interesting that the govt is trying to prosecute these men for a crime that was’nt even committed in the US. I say where is the justice here? What about the common law rule? Why couldnt they just extradite these men to Canada and let Canada deal with it instead of wasting our courts time and money??? I’m interested in your opinion.Thanks.

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