The Emperor’s Clothes

At the Newark airport yesterday, I was discussing the election with a lady from Arkansas and a guy with a Hornets cap on. I told them that more Americans had been killed by international terrorists (excluding 9-11 and combatants) in the first three years of Bush’s administration than in the last three years of Clinton’s.

Hornets Cap refused to believe it: “It’s not true,” he said. “If it was true, it’d be on CNN and Fox.”

(Incidentally, he also told me there’s “more evidence every day” that Saddam was responsible for 9-11.)

5 responses to “The Emperor’s Clothes”

  1. Hornets Cap’s vote carries as much weight as mine. Or, it would if I voted. Ain’t democracy grand? Make no mistake, it is!

  2. Hornets Cap’s vote probably counts for more than yours, Brian, since you would vote (if you would vote) in Texas where there’s no chance Kerry will win.

  3. Maybe if they found Osama living in the Lincoln Bedroom?

    Seriously, voter turnout is what it would take. If all the anti-Bush Texans voted, and there was otherwise normal voter turnout, Bush would be turned out.

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