Legalize Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is bad stuff. Really, really bad stuff. If the devil were to invent a drug to destroy mankind, it would be meth. That’s why I used to say that methamphetamine, out of all of the drugs in the world, should be illegal.

Phoenix criminal defense attorney Marc Victor makes a compelling argument that methamphetamine should be legalized. I think that he is right, and that I was wrong: methamphetamine, along with all of the other now-illegal drugs (most of which are benign compared to meth) should be legalized.

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  1. Glad you sent me this link Mark.

    Absolutely, without exception, everything must be “legal”. In fact what is un-LAWful is making substances illegal.

    The principle at stake is simple; who owns your body?

    Methamphetamine. PCP. Ketamine. LSD. Peyote. Pot. MDMA–“ecstasy”. Heroin.
    Vicodin. Oxycontin. Propofol.
    Cyanide. Strychnine.
    Paint thinner. Freon.

    My body, not yours.

    The inevitable shrill shriek of the collectivist is “but what about sociiiiiiietyyyy?”

    There’s no such thing. There are only individuals. If one harms another, THAT is the crime–NOT the substances he was ingesting prior to the harm.

    There must be no leniency in punishment for a given harm based on the miscreant’s state of intoxication, nor any extra punishment; their state of intoxication is immaterial, because they CHOSE that state, and CHOSE to do the harm–whether or not the intoxicant disinhibited them sufficiently to allow them to commit it, the chain of choices was THEIRS, not the drug’s.

    “But they’re addicts!” No such thing. Read the late great Thomas Szasz on the illegitimacy of psychiatric labels; the disempowering nature of words like “addict” and “disease”. And, even if you subscribe to these artificial constructs–and choose to ignore the “addicts” dereliction of moral duty–they still chose the path they’re on, culminating in whatever violence they commit.

    That’s the moral argument. The much less powerful utilitarian argument applies as well, for those so inclined–the War on (some) Drugs doesn’t work. Well, it DOES work for those who designed it; what appears to be an utter clusterfuck superficially has masterfully:

    * vastly increased drugs’ customer base
    * increased drug purity and availability; product has never been this good
    * created unheard-of profits for the participants–most of them directly sponsored by, or carefully nurtured, by the government supposedly fighting drugs. The banks launder $500 Billion annually in drug money–so much, they’d be insolvent without this source of hard cash*.
    * enormous and highly profitable prison populations who are now a ready source of slave labor at 25 cents/hour.

    * don’t believe it? Google Wells Fargo’s recent settlement for laundering drug money; roughly 0.03 percent of the amount laundered.

  2. If meth is so harmful why do parents and teachers shove it down kids throats under names like vyvanse, adderol, ritalin, desoxyn and dozens of other names? After all a.d.d. and a.d.h.d. meds are amphetamines. Some methamphetamine. Yet children that act up are often medicated and parents informed that the children can’t come back to school until medicated. Government run schools thus government paid employees pushing for children to be on amphetamines. They get the kids to where they don’t know how to function without the drug and after YEARS, in fact the majority of the child’s life of being on these time released amphetamines take them off of them once they reach adulthood claiming oh they should’ve outgrown it by now. Why? Its heavily regulated for adults yet for children doctors can prescribe away no questions asked. This makes the problem. These kids don’t know how to function without the drug and can no linger get it legally so they turn to what they can get. The street version which giant time released thus they are doing it throughout the day just to feel normal and like themselves again since they have no idea of how to live, function or even exist without it thanks to parents and teachers pushing it to them for so long. Can they learn t live without it? Most likely yet that will take a very long time and who has that kind of time when a young adult trying to get a jib and moved out of their parents house? Its not the true source of evil in this country. Government is. The people that should teach the difficult children how to function in society get them mentally addicted to where they no longer know how to think without amphetamines. The drug helps those who truly need it, hurts those that don’t and sadly there’s no test, just a page full of questions of does this drug help you basis which theyuse to decide who they medicate and who they dont . see the real problem yet? Every drug has a purpose. The same plant that makes cocaine makes liquid cocaine drops used for LASIK eye surgery, heroine is synthesized for use in emergency rooms for severe traumas to ease pain, amphetamines are made by pharmacies for obesity and a.d.h.d. the truth is as long as the companies that fund the government make more selling the prescription varieties then they will make it illegal to have the other varieties. After all selling the ingredients and plants the other varieties come from doesn’t make the same huge profit.

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