Every defender should have a hobby. It should ideally be something as far removed from the practice of law as possible — something that takes the mind off the practice. I’m fascinated by the things that other people find fun. Here are some of the things that my fellow Houston defenders do:

Fly airplanes;
Jump out of airplanes;
Climb mountains;
Shoot guns;
Ride motorcycles;
Play guitar;
Play croquet (“the serious stuff, not the rinky dink stuff you get at a sporting goods store”);
Play conga drums;
Digital photography;
Trick roping;
Cowboy mounted shooting (I think it has something to do with horses);
Play harmonica; and
Collect baseball cards.

Here’s a picture of me practicing my chief hobby:

What are your hobbies? Drop me a comment and let me know what I’ve missed.

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  1. Oh, let’s see… I love glassblowing, and you can see a few photos of my work here. I cook and enjoy food photography and keep a food blog, Habeas Brulee. I make jewelry, I have a few circus performance skills, and I plan to improve my stilt-walking this summer. True happiness for me would involve finding a blacksmithing class in NYC.

  2. For a New Yorker, Providence is far! You have a very different sense of scale out in Texas than we do here, I think.

  3. I like to read and play sports. I also like long walks on the beach and candle—

    oh wait, this isn’t a personals ad 🙂

    Tennis is my hobby.

  4. In-line hockey. It’s a no-check league but I still get to bump a bunch and work off some aggression.

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