A Prosecutor Wins Despite Himself

Do you doubt that prosecutors don’t have to be brilliant to win trials? Check this out:

Oh, and the prosecutor had a PowerPoint for his closing arguments. His closing arguments, frankly, annoyed me so much they made me want to acquit. It was really, really bad, but not surprising, considering that in his opening statements, we got a riff on “stop asking questions of the government, so we can keep you safe!” The prosecutor was probably one of the main factors that made me want to find the guy not guilty – but when we sat and went through the evidence, I got over it.

I feel for the prosecutor . . . and for the defender. Ouch.

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  1. Hey – this is the guy who wrote the blog post that Mark linked to. I just wanted to note that Mark asked a question in the comments on my blog… and I finally had a minute to answer it over there.

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