Welcome Prosecutors!

So far today I’ve had 116 visitors from this post on the Texas District and County Attorneys’ Association forum, where the administrator, Shannon Edmonds, posted a link to my Motion to Change the Facts.

A couple of visitors to that forum commented — not on the motion (well, there were secondary and grudging admissions that that was actually funny), but on my philosophy (I give a damn), on my appearance (okay, Brumley, you’re right — that photo [which I took myself] has to go), and, anonymously, on my parentage (I am not making this up).

[Edit: A free “Notice to Agents” coffee mug to the commenter offering the best punchline — snarky or otherwise — for this post.]

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  1. Only because I just finished talking to a friend of mine from A&M, but how about “Welcome to the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association: Where the women are men, the men are boys, and the sheep are scared.”

  2. As one with some interest in the anonymous comment on your parentage, I attempted to find it on the TDCAA forum. It is not there.

    Evidently you did make it up.

  3. Mark Bennett. The apple never falls far from the tree. But it still rots on the ground.

    Mark Bennett. He may not be related to anybody we respect, but at least he’s not photogenic.

    Mark Bennett. He fights the feds. He loses, but he fights the feds.

    Mark Bennett. When he fights for his clients, you’ll know it. From that irrating scraping sound.

    Mark Bennett. He makes prosecutors and longhorns nervous. For different reasons.

    You know where to send my mug.

  4. I like “Mark Bennett. He may not be related to anybody we respect, but at least he’s not photogenic.” Your mug is on its way.

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