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What non-legal blogs do you read? Most of those in my feed reader are DIY-related. One of my favorites: Cool Tools.

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  1. Hi, Mark- My blogroll has a section of non-legal blogs called Beyond The Law. My preferred pages from that list are:

    Coltrane – Traneumentary
    Common Sense for Drug Policy
    Crooks and Liars
    Daily Kos
    DARE Generation Diary
    Drug War Rant
    Dynamic T’ai Chi
    Grits for Breakfast
    Hippie Lawyer’s Third Planet
    Hit and Run
    Last One Speaks
    Mother Jones Blog
    ocean shaman
    Real Cost of Prisons
    Reality-Based Community
    Stop the Drug War
    The Notion
    This Modern World
    T’ai chi ch’uan

    Take care. Jon

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