Racehorse Haynes

It’s possible that he’s not the greatest criminal-defense lawyer that ever lived. Clarence Darrow may wear that crown, or Earl Rogers, who represented Darrow when Darrow got in trouble in L.A. But Houston criminal-defense lawyer Richard “Racehorse” Haynes deserves honorable mention — at the very least — in that pantheon. And he’s still alive and kicking. Via Luke Gilman’s Blawgraphy comes this story from Austin, Texas TV station KVUE about Richard’s appearance in Williamson County on a sexual assault case.

Richard Haynes is 80 years old, he is still defending people, and he shows no sign of stopping. If you have a chance to watch him in action, take it.

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  1. My boss used to work for Racehorse. He tells a story about Racehorse defending some folks accused of crucifying. My boss says Racehorse hammered a nail into his own hand in front of the jury to prove that it wasn’t that painful. Can anyone verify this awesome rumor?

    • He was defending A Chicago Outlaw MC member name Edward Norman Risinger (Spider) who was charged with Crucifing his 19 year old Christine Deese who was Spider’s Bitch. She held out on him when she was hooking for the Gang and stole $10 (Withheld) from the MC C lub .So her old man Spider, and Fat frank,and another then crucified her with 16 penny nails let her hang there awhile to get message dont try to rip off Gang! .Took her down brought to hospital aparently hospital staff freaked out. Racehorse haynes defended them and got them off scott Free!and Richard Haynes was about to nail his hand to a board to prove it wasnt all that bad but didnt have to. The jury was allready swaying toward Not Guilty! but he had hammer a nail and board and a Doctor to go along with it and assist. This and many of his famous cases are in his Autobiograph book called Blood and Money A Great Book to read!Christine deese said that she knew it was her punishment before she stole $10 dollars from club and RaceHorse Haynes Proved it! Christine even wore that Nail on a neckchain. Spider’s Mother paid some Big Money for Richard Racehorse Haynes! Spider was heard to tell other brothers in jail and say keep your heads up I told my mom to hire the best Lawer in Country and Damn if she didnt! Richard RaceHorse Haynes (NOT GUILTY)!!!

  2. I’ve heard the same story, though in the version I heard the judge got wind of it before he had a chance. It’s also recounted in Thomas Thompson’s Blood and Money about the John Hill trial.

  3. But 23 years plus a 10 year probation for a consensual sexual encounter with a female defendant and a 16 year old boy who now wants to marry her when he is of age…ouch. I have no doubt he WAS one of the absolute best, but maybe that time has past.

  4. He is still one of the best attorneys in the country. He works probably 60+ hours per week and allways has. When he walks into a courtroom, those who know him treat him like the special litigator he is, those that don’t, think he is an easy mark being an elderly grey haired man until he open his mouth and introduces himself. From that point on, the jury, the opposing counsel, and every other courtroom player hangs on his every word. He is still the MASTER LAWYER.

  5. Bill,

    Thanks for the comment. You are, of course correct. Richard doesn’t win ’em all, but if he can’t win a particular case I question whether anyone can.

    Most importantly, though, when Richard gets knocked down he gets back up. If you know of another 83-year-old who has tried two felony jury trials in the last two months, please let me know.

  6. I have a question for to see if you know of one particular story about Racehorse. I grew up in Midland and my high school government teacher was at one point in time some bigwig out in east Texas. He said he knew Racehorse and then reminisced about a story where Racehorse was driving home from a party severely intoxicated. The story goes that when the officers pulled him over he quite visibly got out of the car, pulled out an unopened bottle and chugged the Jack Daniel’s inside. This supposedly put enough doubt on any tests that the officers could take so that they just went ahead and called him a cab and a tow truck. Can you confirm any of this rumor?

  7. The nail thing never happened but yes he was ready ! He has had an amazing career. He is a very down to earth kinda guy with a brilliant brain. Great Uncle first & foremost !

  8. As the other of that 16 year old boy (he had never even been on a date) who was raped by a 42 year old woman, I am here to tell you that he ain’t all that! He may have made a name for himself by defending murderers, thugs, and rapists, but the Truth won out over him in our case. Other attorneys may put him on a pedestal and praise him like a god, but, he is not bigger than the truth. He will know true justice soon enough.

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