Happy Birthday to Me.

It’s my birthday. I’m taking the day off — mostly (I had a meeting with a new client). I’m baking a chocolate fudge cake and making some raspberry ice cream to go with it.

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  1. Happy birthday, Big Guy. Eventually, you’re gonna catch up to me, cuz I’m not getting any older.

    Uh, you’re planning on sharing that cake, right?

  2. Thanks, All.

    Scott, I can only aspire to some day be as old as you are.

    Cake is in the fridge. Ice cream in the freezer. Come on over.

  3. Happy birthday, Mark. BTW I’m really enjoying “the game” although my wife’s a little upset that I’m reading about PUA’s. Not many IOI’s, in other words. But the book’s about more than the subject which is what makes it fascinating. It’s a little like “Poker Nation” that way. Cheers.

  4. Happy Birthday Mark. Guess everyone needs a day off. Even the artisans of criminal defense. Enjoy your ice cream and cake. It never gets old even though we all do.

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