Foreign Blawgs

The three most prolific foreign blawgs that I read regularly — GeekLawyer, BabyBarista, and Ruthie’s Law — have convinced me that British blawgers are, to put it gently, odd.

Ruthie speaks of herself in the third person, with lots and lots of italicized words.

BabyBarista, if half of his tales are to be believed, is a ruthless Machiavellian strategist (is that redundant?), jockeying for position in chambers.

GeekLawyer . . . well, here’s a representative post. (These Brits all seem to know each other personally, to boot.)

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  1. Mark,

    Ruthie is one person and Victorian Maiden (who is simply ripping off an old Edwardian pastiche called Mr Pooter’s Diary) is someone else. Baby Barisat is fictional – we aren’t really like that.
    Geeklawyer is – ok you got me there.

  2. Mark,
    Most of us only know each other as a result of blogging. However because the UK is physically small, compared with the US, it is easier for many of us to meet up – most notably in the UK’s first blawging conference earlier this year.

    As for being ‘odd’ I’m afraid we are mostly much more pedestrian in real life.

  3. Mark…. I have met Ruthie, but not VM… I have also met Geeklawyer and babybarista.

    Believe me… they are odd. On the other hand, I am perfectly sane….. I merely exist as a figment of my imagination and I am not real.

    I do, however, do a bit of pole dancing to make ends meet

    Tomorrow, we march against the French… we are ready for them…. and, hopefully, we shall prevail. I talk of Rugby – a thugs game played by gentlemen.

    Geeklawyer is far from pedestrian in real life…. he drinks Mead.

    I used to enjoy watching JR on Dallas….I particularly liked the hats.

    Dubya is from the Lone Star state is he not?

    Anyway… enough from me…. there is a glass of Rioja to my right, an espresso and a pack of Silk Cut to my left and I must deal with all three…

  4. The farther east you go, the odder they become. I’m still looking for an Australian barrister’s blog.

  5. Charon,

    Dubya wants you to believe he’s from Texas, but he’s not; not really. In fact he’s a scion of a wealthy Connecticut family who likes to dress up and play cowboy. He’d be right at home in Dallas, but not in Texas.

  6. Delighted to read that you take an interest in my blog. I like your blog; in England very few defence lawyers blog since the legal aid rates are so low they have to spend every minute working simply to make a living.

    Simon Myerson is correct: Ruthie’s Law is written by two people. Myself, Ruthie and VM who is in real life a Queens Counsel (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a big deal over here). Sadly I’ve been in trial for the past couple of weeks, so haven’t been posting very much. VM’s posts are generally prefaced by her picture so can be distinguished from mine. But in my view since she writes rather better than me I don’t concern myself too much if readers confuse the two of us.
    I have met Charon and Geeklawyer. I have in fact yet to meet VM and Dan Hull despite the myths that he spreads about me.
    We only seem odd because Yanks do not understand our subtle humour and irony. Try watching some Monty Python or Fawlty Towers to get into the mindset.


  7. Just had a look at your website; in a world full of greedy an disillusioned lawyers you come across as genuine people who love what you do and care about your clients. Good luck, and I wish there were more like you.

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