Moderated Comments?

To my colleagues who moderate the comments on their blawgs:

What are you afraid of?

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  1. I don’t, but that’s an easy one. We all know some use comments on blogs to spew hate and false rumors. If you Google someone’s name, comments left about them on blogs will appear. So if I wrote that you were a scumbag thief attorney or that you’ve never won a trial, and someone googled your name, it may come up and some unsuspecting person may take it as truth.

    By the way, I know the stuff about never winning a trial is not true.

    I gotta go and write more on my blog to avoid your further (truthful) wrath.

  2. We can always delete the hate and false rumors. I deleted a comment once — it was 15 pages of lunatic ranting about something (comment tip: keep lunatic rants under a page, or I’ll delete them). No big deal.

  3. I’d say I screen.. not moderate. I get spam comments for viagra sales, and things like that. No need for my blog to be a craigs list for someone else…

  4. I agree with you. This is a pet peeve of mine. I think they are screened for quality among other things, which is bullshit.

    If you’re screening for spam (and you’re not on WordPress or typepad), then every other comment should be allowed in regardless of whether it is articulate or not.

    As you point out, inflammatory, hateful comments can always be deleted.

  5. I don’t moderate, or at least, don’t force preapproval, but I understand why some do.

    I go through times where I’ll blog every day, and then I’ll have weeks like the last couple, where I’m moving my office, training a new secretary, have jury trials set, and I leave it alone for a while.

    I can see not liking the idea of ‘moderating’ the hate/spam until much later.

    Having said that, my comments now post immediately, and I think that’s best.

  6. I’m reaching my two month mark and still have less than ten comments total. A lesser-known blawg such as myself wants whatever comments it can have. I do moderate, but I’d never refuse a comment based on its content. Assuming the content wasn’t spam.

  7. Hunter, I don’t get the spam comments for Viagra sales. Maybe you should look at why they are sending them to you?

    Shawn, I’ve already answered that question. See my comment of 4:16 p.m. yesterday.

    Hey, everyone! Go leave a comment on Maggie’s blog. (Unless, like Dylan, you “ain’t gonna post on Maggie’s blog no more.”)

  8. I don’t on my marketing blog, but I do on my practice blog ( The reason I do on that one is because of the amount of spam comments I was getting on it.

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