Trial Fuel

We’re taking a lunch break from my self-defense trial. When I’m in trial (that’s “on trial” for you New Yorkers), I eat low-carb meal replacement bars and drink lots of water. The bars are easy to carry in my trial box, they don’t go bad, they don’t make my blood sugar spike and crash in the afternoon (so I stay sharp), and they’re fairly edible.

What about you? Leave me a comment and let me know how you keep your engines running during trial.

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  1. Mark:
    My wife packs me some sandwiches, yogurt, and a few energy bars. She always includes several 200mg ibuprofen tablets for the “trial” headache. I eat lunch in the courtroom while continuing to prepare for the afternoon session. Although I often don’t have a big appetite, I force myself to fill my tummy a bit.


  2. Stephen,

    Thanks for the comment. If I’m not hungry, I won’t eat; If I’m hungry, though, I’ll grab a couple of bites during breaks. The yogurt and sandwiches don’t work for me. My blood sugar keeps ticking along at an even level if I don’t spike it with high-GI foods. I don’t even need caffeine to try a case.

  3. You eat? I rarely eat during a trial. I always have plenty of water handy, but I ever take the time to actually eat a meal during trial, and I never want to run the risk of getting something on me.

    But once I’m done, it’s usually a lot of Chinese food. You such as it is, here in Texas.

  4. When I’m in trial, I eat a huge high protein breakfast (typically eggs, sausage, etc), with a healthy dose of caffeine.

    During the trial, I’m with Mark and eat low carb protein bars and drink water, for the same reasons (don’t want the blood sugar spike). I try to sneak an apple in, too. In general, I don’t eat much in trial.

  5. Pure adrenaline is fine for the first week or two, but by about the four-week mark on that federal conspiracy trial, you’ll start getting hungry.

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