Hit Me Again, Baby!

Today while cross-examining my client, the prosecutor took two verbal swings at me personally. He suggested that I was responsible for my client’s account of the facts and suggested that I was calling the state’s witnesses liars.

What does that mean?

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  1. Well, I did neither. My client’s story has been the same since day one, and I think only one of the State’s witnesses lied, and he only once.

    I was actually, though, asking what it means that the prosecutor thought it necessary to take those shots.

  2. shg hit it right on the head.

    You hit him/her hard and the reflexively struck back on the most base level they could.

    If history is any guide, your plea offers from that ADA should start getting better.

  3. Dear Mark,
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  4. Mark,
    Can this situation with prison inmates not having federal appeal lawyers be justified in our courts ?
    It appears to be terribly unfair that these poor and sometimes uneducated could be expected to write their own federal appeals from prison.Can you tell us how long this policy has been in affect and do you think it was designed to keep the poor blacks in prison longer ? I am amazed that our federal courts have been allowed to conduct their reviews of cases when these poor people do not have a clue how to submit their own appeals properly.


    What kind of Judea Christian values is our country demonstrating to the rest of the world when there are reported to be 100,000 innocent falsely imprisoned US inmates who can not find one American political leader or National Media source willing to ride the high road in fighting for justice and equality within our federal judicial system ? great societies that do not even protect their innocent, become the guilty !

  6. There is something very unethical with our American judicial system which allows only wealthy Americans with proper legal representation for their federal appeals to have real opportunities of being granted new retrials,and the tens of thousands of innocent poor prison inmates without the benefit of any legal counsel,to be consistently denied in mass their equal opportunities at receiving federal judges positive decisions of new retrials.
    If having 100,000 innocent falsely imprisoned in this country is not enough of a wakeup call for our US Congress to end this injustice,then why would any caring American be upset if President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela decided to get involved in assisting these 100,000 innocent and falsely incarcerated Americans who have been abandoned and forgotten by their own Government leaders and
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