Bad Sports.

In the end, after a hard-fought battle, the jury gave Tyrone’s and my clients 10 years and recommended probation. So they’ll be on probation. So, after yesterday’s highs and lows, we put this one solidly in the “win” column.

I always shake my adversaries’ hands and tell them “nice work” before the jury returns with its verdict. Then I’m gracious in victory or defeat.

Prosecutors, however? Not such good sports.

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  1. My civil procedure professor at UH, Robert Ragazzo, put it best when he said, ‘any day that you’re not in jail is a good day!’

    Considering the gravity of the charge, I concur with you that this belongs in the ‘win’ column

  2. Ha! I made all my pupils say well done to their opponent if they lost. The one who couldn’t bring themselves to do it is the one who won’t ultimately make good on the job. Nice to know I’m not alone – and great result. Not a possibility in the UK where the sentence is mandatory (although we don’t kill convicts which is a big plus.

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