Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year

Scott Greenfield is taking nominations for Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year:

This will not be a Beauty Pageant for the usual suspects, the big name lawyers in the high-profile cases, but rather the unsung heroes in the trenches, doing the dirty work that flies under the radar.

Please nominate a criminal-defense lawyer who has done something to deserve recognition. Please let us know what it is that he or she has done. Do not feel constrained to limit yourself to lawyers who made headlines. The winner will be judged by the worth of his or her efforts in the scheme of our duty to zealously represent those accused of crimes.

It’s about time that we recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of our brethren in the trenches. Now it’s up to you to submit your nomination, via the comments, and acknowledge the exceptional work done every day by men and women who have never made the front page of the newspaper. Let’s do it.

I agree with Scott: it’s about time. I’ll be thinking about narrowing the list of trench lawyers who I know to have done extraordinary work this year, so that I can nominate a few for Scott.

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  1. Mark:
    I nominate lawyer Bruno Shimek, Bryan, TX for criminal defense lawyer of the year. Bruno’s case load is predominately state court-appointed work in Washington, Burleson, and Brazos Counties. He has tried more, and won more (ie NG verdicts) jury trials during the past 2 years than many other lawyers in the area put together. He has had remarkable success in Burleson and Washington Counties, especially.


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