Chuck’s Apology

This came out today, in response to the events I discussed here:

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Chuck Rosenthal
Friday, December 28, 2007

Statement by Chuck Rosenthal

Recently some Harris County District Attorney inner office emails have been released in the media.

I understand that I have said some things that have caused pain and difficulty for my family, my coworkers and friends. I deeply regret having said those things. Moreover, I am sorry for the problems I have caused anyone.

I also understand that sometimes things happen for a purpose. This event has served as a wake-up call to me to get my house in order both literally and figuratively.

Charles A. “Chuck” Rosenthal
Harris County District Attorney

I commend Chuck for owning up (not the best apology, but not bad for a politician), and hope that “get my house in order” means “stop punishing others for violating morals that even I (being, after all, human) can’t follow” rather than “redouble my efforts to hold myself to the moral standards that I impose on others less fortunate.”

(By the way, “literally”? Doesn’t “get my house in order” literally mean “tidy up my living space”? Also by the way, might they have been interoffice emails rather than inner office? And, while I’m picking nits, the parallelism in the second paragraph is incomplete — should be “my friends”. Mayhap Chuck was kissing his secretary behind her right ear while dictating the letter?)

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  1. It probably should be “intraoffice,” but that level of thought sets the bar pretty high for a firecracker-tossing, appellately-challenged, wunderkind like Chuck.

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