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The Harris County Republican Party’s website shows only Jim Leitner running for the position of Harris County District Attorney, but I’m informed that Chuck Rosenthal’s withdrawal from the race had the statutory effect of keeping the Republican primary ballot open for an additional 48 hours — till Friday evening. Also, I’ve heard that Harris County Assistant District Attorney Marc Brown has filed as well. [Edit: another Harris County Assistant DA tells me that this is incorrect; that Marc has not filed and will not.]

Marc is married to Susan Brown, who’s the judge of Harris County’s 185th Criminal District Court. If Marc runs and is elected, Susan will effectively be out of a job — she will be “conflicted out” on every criminal case unless there is an independent prosecutor appointed. [Edit: the same ADA says, “You moron. There is an AG’s opinion that says she would have to resign if he were elected.”

Interesting times, these.

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  1. You’ve been spending a lot of time chatting up ADAs. Does this mean you’re think of tossing your hat in the ring?

    And please send me a signed picture.

    Standing behind OUR President,
    Lazlo Toth

  2. Mark:
    You think things are interesting in Harris County? You ought to hang-out up here for a while. Don’t know if you are familiar with the story about our embattled judge of the 272nd Judicial District Court, Rick Davis. Rick has had a running feud with Brazos County District Attorney, Bill Turner for about 6 years. Turner had filed several grievances against Davis with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Davis has initiated two Courts of Inquiry. One against Turner himself, and one against Turner’s first assistant, Shane Phelps. Currently, Davis has a case pending before the commission which had a high likelihood of getting Davis thrown off the bench. So, Davis decides to resign his bench yesterday and run against Turner for the DA slot. Phelps is running for the County Attorney slot. It’s really crazy.


  3. lazlo,

    It’s good hearing from you. Your signed picture is in the mail.


    I had heard about the feud. Elections make for interesting times.

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