New Harris County Criminal Justice Blawg

Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, by an anonymous criminal lawyer who started blogging on January 8th, 2008, “genuinely concerned with the way the media displays our local criminal justice system”.

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  1. I can’t take any anonymous blogger seriously. If this ADA is so proud of his blog, come out and clam it.

    I wonder if gov’t computers are being used to promulgate this PR stunt. Maybe it’s the Siegler campaign.

    Open records anyone?

  2. Mark, do you really believe that anyone who happens to view both “Defending People” and “Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center” will not quickly reach the conclusion that you are writing them both?

    Methinks you may suffer from a bit of schizophrenia, in addition to your obvious megalomania . . . .

  3. Dr. Observer,

    C’mon now. The author of HCCJC is clearly a prosecutor. Besides which, he doesn’t write anything like me. I’d have to have multiple-personality disorder to write both; do you know how rare that is?

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