KTRK Interview re Chuck Rosenthal

Our local ABC affiliate, KTRK, interviewed me about the Chuck Rosenthal contempt hearing (which may still be going on right now; I had hoped to live-blog it, but the needs of actual clients intervened). This morning a prosecutor came up to me in the courthouse and actually thanked me for not bashing the Office. Here’s the story (with video).


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  1. Don’t you hate when the press calls, and they show up and want to do an “interview” but the 45 minutes of posturing and creating soundbites turns into 7.5 seconds of air time and you’re left wondering why the hell you even put a tie on?

    Nice interview. At least you put a tie on.

    Where did you get that gunslinger poster above your desk? I like it. Reminds me of my favorite USFL team, the Houston Gunslingers.

  2. Thanks, Matlock and Michael.

    Not only a tie; I also put pants on. . . . the things we do for free publicity!

    I had seen the poster on the TCDLA merchandise table years ago. I found the print on ebay.

    We used to have Washington Federals season tickets. Those may be the only pro football games I will ever have gone to.

  3. Comment from an Australian friend on the TV appearance: “Nice interview – but what is that creeping along his top lip?”

  4. It’s tough to keep up with Harris County codewords. You told SHG that, when he came down, you’d conceal his Jewishness by telling folks he was Australian.

    My down under friend is a non-gay Australian Australian.

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