Unleash the Spin Hounds!

News from an anonymous source who has provided reliable information in the past:

Last night [1/31/08] at Live Sports Bar at Main and Preston, a pep rally-type meeting was held for the Siegler campagn. Apparently the subject and purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm and get motivated on how to counteract the stream of negative press surrounding Kelly. This indicates that the Siegler camp is reasonably self-conscious of the problem, and fears it will continue. I would have to agree with them.

Consider that when you read AHCL’s Blog or a letter to the Chronicle (by Cindy Rosenthal, Vic Wisner, Chris Miller, whoever) defending the Office: they’re trying to wash the stench of the Office’s decay under Chuck Rosenthal off Kelly Siegler.

Here, on the other hand, I’ll print the negative about any of the candidates, provided that I think it bears indicia of reliability. If you have a legitimate criticism of Jim Leitner, bring it to me. If it’s credible I’ll publish it.

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  1. Actually, I’d propose this acronym for the “Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center” blog.


    I Have My Lips Permanently Attached to Kelly Siegler’s Ass.

    A little long but I’d say pretty accurate.

  2. I like to think of it as the official propaganda division of the Kelly Siegler campaign.

    Of course, in AHCL’s defense (she is, after all, me) if Kelly weren’t in the race she might well be the official propaganda division of the Jim Leitner campaign.

  3. Ron,
    Feel free to come over to my website and participate in a discussion any time you like.

    Or you can just stay on this blog and talk crap.

    I’m an admitted Kelly fan, but she earned it, in my opinion. Plenty of people disagree with me, and I’ve been able to discuss it without any moronic acronyms.

    I respect both Jim and Kelly very much, and I’ve been candid about that.

  4. Your source isn’t exactly right, Mark. The purpose of the meeting was for volunteers to coordinate campaign efforts. Kelly’s camp is resigned to the fact that the press, for some reason, wants to attack her rather than focus on who is qualified to be top law enforcement officer. Media spin control wasn’t the issue. Getting Kelly’s message to the voters – that was the point of the meeting. I understand Leitner had a similar event at China Garden on Leeland the same night.

  5. 8:15, good stuff. Drunk drivers for Kelly!

    AHCL, thanks for giving Ron permission to stay here and talk crap. Preesh.

    9:40, You mean it wasn’t a “meet and greet” for new prosecutors? Are you sure about that? Whatever it was, it’s not going to be worth a cup of warm spit against the Republican machine and Republican money lining up behind Pat Lykos.

    Tell us about Kelly’s message. I thought it message was “Once I’m elected, then I’ll ask the ADAs what is wrong with the office.”

  6. Damn Mark,
    Is Ron in Houston like your spiritual leader or something? Every time he’s on one of your message boards, you start getting all pissy with what I’m writing. Since when did I ever pretend to be in control of anything on this board.
    I was telling Ron in Houston that if he wanted to talk bad about me, he was more than welcome to come to my site and discuss things.
    Good God you are sensitive today.

  7. Mark, you need to re-evaluate how reliable your source is. The gathering wasn’t a Siegler pep rally, but a meet and greet for the misdemeanor prosecutors. These are held on a periodic basis.

  8. J, it’s interesting that you should say that now, after prosecutors here and at AHCL’s blog have defended Kelly’s actions in having a fundraiser at Live.

    I don’t really think it matters anyway — Kelly’s toast in the primary in the face of Lykos’s party backing — but I wonder if the shit is going to hit the fan when it comes out that the event was presented as a meet-and-greet for new prosecutors, who arrived to find — to the surprise of some of them — that it was actually a Siegler pep rally / fund raiser / strategy session.

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