Jury Trial Today

I went down to JP Court on the beach in Galveston County this morning, not really expecting to have to try a case. So of course there were 24 potential jurors waiting in the courtroom when I strolled in (I was 20 minutes late because I didn’t factor the ferry ride into my travel time), and my client’s was the only case on the docket.

It took 35 minutes to pick a jury of six and try the case, and about three more minutes to get a verdict. That was the shortest jury trial I’ve had, and probably the shortest I will ever have.

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  1. SHG — Jennifer may be jealous; don’t tell Terri about the 3 minutes, or she might be envious.

    Ron — Crystal Beach, which Dad claims has a gay nude beach. I wouldn’t know.

    Matlock — won. Duh.

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