Proper Accreditation

My apologies to a journalist, whose yesterday’s column I shamelessly ripped off without attribution in a blog post four days ago.

When this journalist quotes from my blog, she has the good manners to cite it as “an attorney blog”; I should have the same courtesy when I write something that she will write three days later.


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  1. If I am Lisa Falkenberg, and anonymous C is AHCL, and AHCL is me, then AHCL is Lisa Falkenberg.

    Who’d’ve guessed?

  2. I just looked at the column and then at the comments,and to my surprise saw a picture of the great Rumpole of the Bailey the finest barrister ever to have practised law.
    Regards John Gibson

  3. Well at least they give you the dignity of calling it an “attorney blog.”

    Some of your readers would not doubt refer to it as a “pansy assed liberal” blog.

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