Reasonable Doubt Tonight

Todd Dupont, Kelly Siegler, [edit: Harris County prosecutor Murray Newman, ] and I will be on Reasonable Doubt live tonight at 8:00 p.m. Comcast channel 17.


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  1. Being as I live in Baltimore, it is a strange thing to find myself captivated by what I assume to be a cable-access show on local politics in Houston. Maybe I should get out more.

  2. For those of us who don’t get Houston Public Access channel, will you be telling us how the show went last night?

  3. It was like being in an hour-long political ad for Kelly Siegler. Todd and I were gentle with our guests, there weren’t as many callers as expected, and most of the callers were also gentle with our guests.

    The posting of the video has been postponed because of technical difficulties: the filter between Todd’s brain and his mouth failed, creating the need for a little editing before the video is suitable for release.

  4. Very clever of Kelly Siegler to schedule her appearance with Mark at a time when everyone in Texas, other than me, was watching the Hillary/Barack debate in Austin.

    She acknowledged that she has made mistakes but did not elaborate.

    Did any of those mistakes result in an innocent man being executed?

  5. I think we would all prefer the unedited version. Who made the decision to go easy on her? Were there any highlights?

  6. Nice to see that VirgoGirl has come over from the Chronicle pages.

    Here’s just a thought for your consideration, Mark’s Dad and VirgoGirl:

    If Kelly didn’t want to be seen on the show, it probably would have been much easier to not go on it at all rather than be “crafty” and schedule her appearance on the night of the Obama/Clinton debate.

    Just a thought.

  7. Nope too smart for that. She has said she will try to make herself more accesible to defense attorneys she is not going refuse to go on the show hosted by defense attorneys or appear to back down from the tough questions posed by them. Not her style but she can control when she does it.

  8. Dad, I’ve gotta tell you: not everyone is going to appreciate your sense of humor. (I’ve been waiting 30 years to say that!)

    Good question on the mistake. That was one of the questions she dodged at the debate.

    Virgogirl, my cohost had an attack of Tourette’s Syndrome. You won’t miss anything important in the edited version. Todd was being a good host; he wasn’t going to invite someone on his show to be skewered.

    I think it would be reasonable for Kelly to hope that as many people as possible see the show. This was a much better format for her than the HCCLA debate. Her minions have already been pressing me to get the video up online.

  9. The same minions who solicited each officer for a comment that could be placed on her website so Kelly could claim she didn’t ask for their support? I guess its technically true but claiming they came to her was quite a stretch.

  10. Mark, we must know what your co host said. Did he accidentally curse, did he hollar out racial slurs? Did he ask Kelly for another mattress reenactment? Do tell.

  11. Mark,
    I got your Dad’s sense of humor. He’s proud of his son, as well he should be.

    VirgoGirl, regardless of who asked who to do what endorsement or who volunteered to do what, I fail to see what difference it makes. It is a campaign, after all. I don’t really find it all that hard to believe that homicide cops (both retired and active) would come to lend their support to Kelly on their own. She’s been trying violent crimes and capital murders for two decades now. And she’s been doing it well. Is it really so hard to believe that she earned their respect and admiration?
    Lykos certainly doesn’t have their backing, and do you really believe that SHE didn’t seek it?

  12. Harris County Lawyer it doesn’t matter to me who asks whom for endorsements its the dishonesty that bothers me. Her people called each cop and asked for them to think of a quote for the web site. Not a huge deal just say that instead of thinking up something that you think sounds good at the time.

    Mark, I got a chance to listen to you on that drug guy’s radio show. You were pretty eloquent. kudos.

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