Trial Again Tomorrow

Knowing that a bunch of Harris County prosecutors are reading sometimes cramps my blogging style. I’ve got a felony cocaine and heroin case (less than a gram of each) set for trial tomorrow, and I feel constrained to say nothing more at this point than this:

It’s an automatic-probation case if we lose, but my client, a lawyer, has a whole lot more at stake than the State does. So I have been very thorough in preparing some rather powerful surprises for the State.

It’s probably better this way. I was inviting all sorts of trouble blogging about trial tactics and strategies that might have had something to do with the cases I was trying.

Oh, and today I punched a hole with a heavy-duty industrial 3-hole punch through the fingernail on my left index finger and into the top of the finger. (The sound of a hole punch puncturing fingernail is not a pretty one.) Perfect 300-degree arc out of the nail, perfect circular profusely-bleeding incision. That’s gonna leave a mark.

For jury selection should I wear a Spiderman bandaid or a Barbie bandaid?

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  1. Damn, that sounds painful.

    I think it is funny that you are feeling empathy for the great villains of James Bond. You just want everyone to be as proud of your plan as you are.

  2. Todd, Backyardigans bandaid is an option as well, but I think it’ll be Spidey.

    AHCLA, that’s a great analogy. I’ve always been able to resist the revealing-the-plan scene before trial (even when asked, “so, Mark, what’s the evil scheme that’s going to result in your conquering the world?” or “what’s your defense?” [same thing]) because I’m never sure there’s not some way things could go wrong. Just once I’d like to tell the State exactly how I’m going to beat it in trial before I commence doing so.

  3. I think you can get General Zog or Phoenix Wright, Ace attorney bandaids on Ebay, so I’ll check them out for you!

  4. Mark:

    Surely you don’t intend to reveal WHICH bandaid you are going with prior to trial, right? Or will you sandbag, claiming to go with Spidey and then showing up with Backyardigans? You are so sneaky!

    Good luck.
    If your client’s not guilty, I mean.
    Which you didn’t mention earlier.
    Sorry about your injury, hope things work out.

  5. Thanks, all. It looks like third in line was not high enough to get us to trial today.

    Of course my client is not guilty. All of my clients are not guilty — innocent, even — until they are convicted!

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