If You Come See Bennett & Bennett . . .

. . . do not wear a hoodie.

Someone just walked past the front of the home office wearing a dark hoodie, and both dogs (ROUSs — Ridgebacks of Unusual Size) went absolutely insane.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are excellent judges of character (else they wouldn’t be welcome in the office); in their view, apparently, trustworthy people simply do not wear hoodies.

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  1. I think that’s his point.

    Wearing a hoodie in Texas might be number #1 on the list of “You might be about to be robbed if . . .”

  2. fairly put, but if wearing a hoodie is clear evidence of intent to rob then shouldn’t every red-blooded texan whip out his shootin’ iron and blast any pre-offender walking down the street wearing one? you might reasonably make the case for self-defense on the grounds that the wearing of hoodies is an assault.

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