More Proof that Higher Fees are Better

NPR: people get better results from more expensive pills!

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  1. This is a lesson i badly needed to learn coming from the pd’s office into private practice. I’ve lost clients, good ones, not by bidding too high but too low. It’s as if they assume I’m worth what I say I’m worth and if I cheap out, they don’t want to.

  2. David, it takes years to learn how to set fees.

    Colin, I’ll bet it does! When you get down to it, what’s the real difference?

  3. David,

    Very true. There are clients who assume that if you charge low fees that you must not be “worth” the higher fees, or that you are a fly-by-night. Other clients are just the opposite, and their only concern is saving a buck rather than getting the best legal outcome for a situation that could very well have life-long consequences for them. Mark is absolutely right when he says that setting fees is a delicate art that takes years to master.

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