Happy Birthday

Today is anonymous Connecticut public defender Gideon’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Gideon.

On Gideon’s birthday last year, I wrote this post. It was five days later that I really got up a full head of steam and started blogging. 581 posts, 108,155 page loads, 68,549 unique visitors, 21,852 returning visitors, and 1,541 comments (the first of which was quash’s April 1, 2007 “welcome to the blawgosphere”) later, here we are.

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  1. I looked back on my first posts, after reading this, and discovered my first one in Nov. ’05. But those were lonely times for criminal defense bloggers. On my birthday, a week after my first post, after getting no comments, I wrote, in a post entitled “At Least Big Brother is Watching” that said:

    “I haven’t gotten any comments on any posts so far, but I’ve taken solace in a new report, released by the ACLU, wich concludes “The United States has now reached the point where a total ‚Äúsurveillance society‚Äù has become a realistic possibility.” At least somebody is out there reading! Don’t worry; I won’t give up, even if I’m the only one who reads this stuff. It’s great just posting this stuff, waiting for the day it generates some interest…”

    I was starting to give up, though, when Mark sent me a comment one day, encouraging me to blog more, which I really appreciated.

    Happy birthday Gideon. Any parties planned for Defending People’s birthday in a few days?

  2. I’m thankful that you guys are out there bringing light to a subject where people would rather stick their fingers in their ears and go “la la la.”

    So a big happy birthday to Gideon and I’m looking forward to Mark getting to his 1000th post.

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