Works on Voters, Too.

The Chronicle reports that, “in a 2002 trial skills presentation in Austin, [Harris County DA candidate Kelly] Siegler’s worksheet on final arguments included, ‘Make jury afraid.’”

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  1. She subsequently showed the students a video clip of Mark playing air guitar shirtless as an example of how to frighten a jury.

  2. AHCL, is that really Mark?

    Fear is a powerful motivator. It can take some small problem and blow it into a major catastrophe.

  3. Also from the article: “While showing a video of her remarks to the jury…, Siegler noted where she had gone outside those rules. ‘That’s objectionable,’ she said of her performance. ‘But it was a very subtle way of doing it, and they didn’t stop me in time. And I knew it was objectionable, but I wanted the jury to understand the point anyway.’”

    Just two more examples of Kelly not know what a District Attorney’s job responsibilities are (legal or ethical).

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