Strange Traffic Pattern

Yesterday I received a couple of complaints that Defending People was loading slowly. I looked at my traffic stats, and saw that, while my overall numbers weren’t high enough to explain the slowdown, I was getting three times as many total page loads as unique visitors; usually it’s less than twice as many page loads as unique visitors. How do you account for that?


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  1. Scintillating copy… and/or the combined effect of a lot more moving parts per page – individual links to comments, polling that uses bookmarked URLs, etc. WordPress can be more demanding of hosts. I’ve had some problems with mine. Not enough to move yet, but almost.

  2. I was having issues with the site yesterday. It was defaulting to your general homepage, in plain text layout. The formatting is still off to me today–no sidebar and the entries are shifted right. I use Firefox, which may be the issue; although it always worked fine before.

  3. Yeah, I screwed up and inadvertently uploaded the changed index.shtml file for my static site into my blog directory, so your browser saw that instead of wordpress’s index.php file.

    Don’t know why it would break the site beyond that, though.

  4. I had some weird stats yesterday too. Over 11,550 page views, more than twice the norm. No clue why. Maybe it was robot day?

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