Improvisational Blogging

I’m feeling uninspired. Here are some of the posts I’ve thought of in the last few months, titled, and then not written:

  • Josh Karton in Houston
  • The Commerce Clause
  • The Problem of the Working Poor
  • Lanyard Nation
  • Of Course It’s Not an Individual Right!

Here’s the deal: pick a title and suggest three or four words or phrases (PG or G rated, please) for me to use in the post. Write a comment. I’ll write the post, incorporating the words or phrases, and you’ll grade me.

Got it?



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  1. Of course it’s not an individual right. For the Supreme Court to rule otherwise would ignor the plain reading of the 2nd amendment and due injustice to the notion of stare decisis.

  2. SHG, that’s too easy. Give me three or four more words or phrases.

    Jigmeister, of course. Look at the context: the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth aren’t talking about individual rights either. Why would the founders have stuck an individual right in among all of these corporate rights?

  3. I don’t know what “Lanyard Nation” means, but when I Google it, Defending People is already the #6 Google search result, so I say go for it.

    Please try to work in the verb “stomp,” the adjectives “carnal” and “corpulent,” and the phrase “zombie on crack.”

  4. The Problem of the Working Poor (Fox News Edition)

    “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”; “economic expansion in the service sector”; “a symbolic border wall is the best solution”; “I agree wholeheartedly with Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan”

    For an added degree of difficulty, you should try the old job interview trick of not using any negative/negating words.

  5. Scott has added:

    “beyond cavil”
    “breed discontent”
    “Hamiltonian brilliance”

    So The Commerce Clause will be my next post.

    Then I’ll get to The Problem of the Working Poor for Antonio.


  6. I’ll make this easy. (Although Antonio beat me to the punch, these could be combined quite well if you put your mind to it and are so inclined).

    The Problem of the Working Poor:

    (1) robber barons
    (2) the productivity wedge
    (3) debt
    (4) Scandanavia
    (5) zombie on methamphetamine

    Not necessarily in that order, but the html link is included.

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