Kevin McHenry of R.W. Lynch: Cluephone Ringing; It’s For You

Kevin McHenry has called nine times to try to sell me something. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have my office number; he keeps calling directly to my answering service number.

Here’s his first message:

3/14/08 11:47A




“phone”::800-333-0401 EX 1121


3/14/08 11:47A

Okay: I’m a criminal-defense lawyer. I don’t want “info on personal injury cases”, and nothing could possibly have given Mr. McHenry the idea that I did. So, exercising my prerogative in dealing with solicitors, I ignored the message.

His second call didn’t mention personal injury cases. Just “please call me back.” His third call was “PLEASE CALL ME RE: PERSONAL INJURY CASE.” That’s a familiar scam: I regularly get calls from people selling referral services like (services that violate the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct); they’ll call the wrong number and leave messages like “calling about a new criminal case.” Usually I can tell, even if they haven’t given the game away in an earlier call like Mr. McHenry, that it’s a marketing call (potential clients don’t generally call from toll-free numbers), and ignore it.

On his fifth call Kevin McHenry he left a company name as well: “R.W. Lynch.” A quick Google search revealed that R.W. Lynch sells the “personal injury helpline” — advertising for personal injury lawyers, in other words. Yeah. Still not interested.

On his eighth call, he left this message: “PLEASE CALL ME. I’M WITH RW LYNCH. I WANT TO KNOW IF YOU‘D BE INTERESTED IN REFERRALS FOR PERSONAL INJURY CASES. IF NOT OR IF SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOMETHING.” The eighth time is the charm, right? Maybe I am interested in your product, but I haven’t been returning your calls because I’m too dumb to know that I should tell you that I’m interested. Or maybe if if you tell me how to tell you that I’m interested, and I continue to ignore you, you’ll figure out that I’m not interested and waste your time elsewhere.

No such luck. Apparently this Kevin McHenry guy doesn’t have the brains to know that if you call me eight times over more than a month and I haven’t called you back, I’m not going to. On ninth call (as on his fourth, sixth, and seventh) he left no phone number, just “will call back.”

Okay, good luck with that. I’m sure you’ll reach me the tenth time.

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  1. Mr. Bennett,

    I am so sorry that we keep missing each other. I believe we have some products that might be of great benefit to you and I appreciate your interest. Please call me at 1-888-BARRATRY for more details. I will be eagerly awaiting your call.


  2. If you just take the call or return the call to RW Lynch and tell them that you do not practice personal injury, they will take you off their list. By not doing so, you are only dragging it out longer. But then, what would there be to post about here, right?

    • Anyone with half a brain would figure out that someone who doesn’t respond after eight calls isn’t interested. Why would the onus be on me to spend a moment of my valuable time educating these idiots? If they cared whether I took PI cases, a quick internet search would educate them.

      Their objective is to get me to pick up the phone and call them back. A much more valuable use of my time is to make an example of them, for the education and entertainment of the world.

      • `”UNDERSTOOD”; `I, “AGREE”`~!!!!>……………………..’-“…!”…!”…!”-‘”`~`~`~`~`~]]

        `”SO”; I, “INFORMED” `Them; “OF” THIS, `”Of” WHAT; `”You” SAID`~!!!!>…………………….’-“…!”…!”…!”-‘”`~`~`~`~`~

  3. Actually, anyone with “half a brain” knows that this guy probably works in a boiler room and he’s just trying to feed his family. And as for your “valuable” time…not enough to call him back, but enough to blog about it? Cut the guy a break, not all of us can count our narcissism as income, which you apparently can

    • Wonderful comment. Thank you.

      R.W. Lynch, it has been established, teaches people to lie to get lawyers on the phone. Not only is Mr. McHenry dishonest, but he’s also not very bright, to waste his time trying to reach someone who is so clearly uninterested.

      I’m thinking his family doesn’t have to worry much about weight gain.


  5. This is great stuff. The article is good too!

    I found this article after ‘Googling’ RW Lynch as a follow-up procedure, since I am curious to see what my competition looks like. This article cleared things up for me, and the fact that its older is even better!

    This borderline narcissist ‘follow-up’ normally took place after someone hounded MY client (an injury attorney) to the point of stupidity with one or more calls per day, but those guys, and others, rarely bug them anymore. Here is why – and here is my advice to all attorneys, injury or otherwise:

    Do what my client, Mr. Davis, does: have whoever answers the phone tell them, “Yes! Our marketing guy would love to speak with you about this!”

    Then give your marketing ppl’s phone number. You get double the bang for your buck, or as in the case of Mr. Bennet, double the bang for valuable time.

    Again, good read. Thank you.

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