Need Spreadsheet / Database Program for Monster File

I need an OS X program to handle 1.5 million lines of data. Prefer freeware / open source / shareware, but will go commercial if necessary.



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  1. That was my thought too, and the server is available for OX X, but I don’t know if the tools are there to import the data from a file and do ad hoc queries. I don’t know MySQL well enough to tell which tools you’d need, and some of them only run on Windows. It might get a bit technical.

  2. I’ve got a 1.5 million line CSV file of district clerk records. I’d like to be able to manipulate the data on my mac (convert yyyy-mm-dd dates to another format, split fields with LN, FN into separate fields, and so forth), then upload it to an SQL database online.

  3. I hope somebody else sent you something useful, because I haven’t got much. The Apple world is foreign to me. If I had to throw out a wild guess, I’d say download the trial version of FileMaker Pro and see if it does what you need. The commercial license will set you back $300.

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