. . . And Another 30 Days For Looking at Her Like That!


Austin criminal-defense lawyer Adam Reposa gets 90 days in jail for “making a gesture simulating masturbation while standing before County Court-at-Law Judge Jan Breland during a pretrial hearing”.

The earlier story.

(Do you think the cuffs will stop him?)

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  1. I actually met several Travis County prosecutors a while back, and they all seemed to have a Reposa story. Apparently he relishes in the idea of being the Andrew Dice Clay of the defense bar.

    Most of the stories I heard about him were pretty akin to this one.

    A friend of mine went to law school with him and said he was wild back then, too.

    Can you get a visual of Reposa trying a case in McSpadden’s court?

  2. We all have a guy who, whether you like him or not, just does stuff that makes you cringe. Eventually, it catches up with him. I did an amicus for one, and it was about the hardest thing I ever wrote.

  3. I wonder if you combine shg’s idea along with the Pozner ideas below it could be rationally deducted that if you don’t know who “that guy who makes everyone else cringe” is, it means it’s you.

  4. Here’s my problem with this. The judge trying to deny him bond is no worse than the guys behavior. It was beyond her jurisdiction to try to deny him bond and probably would get around her judicial immunity.

    I don’t agree with what he did, but sometimes, you just need to let things go.

  5. That’s a ludicrous sentence. Jail time may have been justified, but 90 days seems over the top. Did this judge have some exposure to his previous conduct, I wonder.

  6. Mark

    What’s your opinion: Does the judge denying him bail amount to a violation of due process that would
    give him habeas relief?

    That would probably be issue #1 in any brief I’d write.

  7. As recently as a few months ago, I would have been howling with laughter at the (unintentional?) puns sprinkled in the comments on this posting. “Hardest thing I ever wrote.” “Beat me to it.” “Exposure.” But alas, now I only chuckle. Is that a sign of maturation? What next, a mortgage and a family? Yikes!

  8. Reposa used to have a cheeseball website with him holding fistfuls of cash, and basically making him out to be a sort of Scarface Lawyer. What a tool.

  9. Repose was sentenced to 90 days, but he wont serve it all. I’ve met lots of attorneys like Reposa. It catches up to them eventually, but they still whine about how the system is out to get ’em. It’s never their fault. Come to think of it, most of these guys have substance abuse issues.

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