CLE Tomorrow

HCCLA is putting on six hours of free ethics CLE — that’s two years’ worth — tomorrow from 9 to 2* in the lawyers’ ready room on the 7th floor of the Harris County criminal courthouse.

I’ll be speaking in the coveted “last speaker on Friday afternoon, long after everyone else has gone home” slot from 3 to 4 p.m. My topic is the ethics of contempt. I am an expert in the field partly by virtue of having defended several Houston criminal-defense lawyers charged with contempt, and partly by virtue of having been held in contempt recently myself.

I will be sharing the lessons of my own contempt case, as well as of Austin criminal-defense lawyer Adam Reposa’s.


* That’s an ethics joke — it’s really from 9 to 4, with an hour lunch break.

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  1. That joke was so good I didn’t even get it until I read the asterisked text at the bottom. Or maybe my ethics are so bad that I didn’t get it until then. It’s one of the two, I’m certain.

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