Improvisational Blogging II

I still haven’t gotten to the inevitably brutal Problem of the Working Class post (using the words or phrases “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”; “economic expansion in the service sector”; “a symbolic border wall is the best solution”; “I agree wholeheartedly with Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan”; robber barons; the productivity wedge; debt; Scandanavia; and zombie on methamphetamine) suggested in comments to my Improvisational Blogging post of last week, but I have done Lanyard Nation and The Commerce Clause (both of which probably seem idiosyncratic, even for me, to the uninformed reader . . . maybe I should add an explanatory note to each one? Nah.).

Austin criminal-defense lawyer Jamie Spencer is soliciting suggestions for his own improv posts.


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  1. And maybe I’d have gotten around to actually doing it by now, if I weren’t procastinating by writing comments on other blogs…

    (I’m thinking I might get it done late tonight.)

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