Hoist With His Own Petard

Frisco, Texas DWI lawyer Hunter Biederman brings us this heartwarming story of Mike Crusee, a state rep from Williamson County, Texas illustrating the white republican hypocrisy for which that county is justly famed. Mr. Crusee, who “carried and passed legislation in 2003 that created something called the ‘driver responsibility program’ to help fund the Texas Mobility Fund. That program included a number of surcharges for driving offenses, including $1,000 for a first conviction of driving while intoxicated,” got arrested for DWI.

(He is undoubtedly innocent of the crime, since he refused to blow.)

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  1. Why is Mr. Krusee’s arrest for DUI by a State trooper show anyone to be a hypocrite? I’m going by the info I got from the Austin-American fishwrap: “swerving” (not mentioned in the Texas Transportation Code), expired inspection tag, “strong smell” of alcohol, (i.e. smelled like he drank a glass of wine), “failed” the field sobriety tests (which are designed to fail; Krusee should never have taken them), and declined to take a “Breathalyzer” test (more likely an Intoxilyzer, but more accurately referred to as a policeman’s whore). I’m no fan of Mike “I like toll roads” Krusee, but I’d love to take this bag of crap DWI case to trial.

  2. John, thanks.

    Michael: because Krusee’s “driver mobility program” surcharges were designed to punish — and do punish — people in his exact position. Often the sober driver, SOAB, RBSE, HGN 6/6, etc. etc. ad nauseam, doesn’t have the resources or good fortune to hire a lawyer who’ll try these “bag of crap” DWI cases. Sometimes the State even gets lucky and gets a jury that’ll convict on facts just like these.

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