From Today’s Mailbag.

Hello there!

Your blog is great! I wonder if you’d be interested in placing a post about (the website I am working on)? I am trying to develop some buzz around this site and touching base with quality online publishers like yourself who write about lawyers. If we can work something out please let me know the associated costs.

Hope to hear back from you on this, thanks!

Kind regards,

Mike, Publisherseek

My response:


Thank you for the kind regards. They really mean a lot, especially coming from an august personage like you who has a gmail address and writes “Publisherseek” after his name. (Are you a lawyer? If so, I think you might qualify for an Ada Award!)

As you know from reading my blog, Ontario bankruptcy law is a topic near and dear to my heart, and of great interest to my readers. I often say that Houston criminal defense and Ontario bankruptcy go together like porterhouse and poop!

So, yes, I would be interested in placing a post about the website you’re working on. I am honored that you think my blog is great and consider me a quality online publisher who writes about lawyers, and would be more than happy to help you develop some buzz around this site.

As to the associated costs, ten thousand Euros in small unmarked bills should do just fine.

Reciprocal kind regards,

Mark, Defending People Blogger.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    If you happen to read this, you should know that Mark Bennett obviously has hangups about “dignity” that are affecting his judgement. Plus he’s a lawyer who makes a lot of money so he thinks he’s too good to help hard-working guys like you. What do you expect from a guy who helps criminals escape justice for a living?

    I, on the other hand, am just a hard-working blogger from the heartland of America, trying to scrape by on Google ads and PayPal donations. Also, my father is sick and needs expensive medications. And did I mention that I have a higher Google PageRank than Bennett?

    An ad will cost you $8/page/month (minimum of one year), or $60/month for a short tasteful text link from all 1000+ pages of my blog.

    Best wishes,

    — Mark Draughn (

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