Google Down?

Okay, who broke the Google?

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  1. Mark-
    My google is up and i was surprised that when I searched for criminal defense and gtd I found your comment on cd law with an apple. Small world.

    I was curious if there were other cd lawyers out there who used gtd which I’m just now taking up after seeing it mentioned all over the place.

    Also, along with gtd I’m also switching computers. I should have taken your advice and bought a mac last year but I thought I was saving money and headaches with a “cheaper” pc. But I spent and lost money dealing with vista problems and time lost. Can’t gtd with no pc and mines’ been back for repairs twice in eight months.

    Speaking of TEOTWAWKI, have you read the depressing book The Road by Cormac McCarthy? I don’t think the movie will sell quite as well as No country because it’s terrifying subject matter.

  2. Google was down — at least to me — when I wrote that. I had to use Yahoo for my searches. Poor me.

    Maybe I should write a post about GTD and criminal defense. GTD and the Tao go together well.

    Ours is a creative profession; Macs are clearly superior for most creative professionals.

    I’m using a new app, DropBox, that has the potential for making life a lot simpler. I should write about that, too.

    I have read The Road — I’m a big McCarthy fan, so I read it even before Oprah did.

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