Calling All Criminal Blawgers

Austin criminal-defense lawyer Jamie Spencer is collating a list of all criminal law blogs publishing regularly. Drop in on Jamie and give him the names and URLs of the criminal law blogs you read.

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  1. I write the 26th St. Bar Association, a criminal law blawg from my small practice in the big city of Chicago. 26th and California Ave. is the home of the biggest criminal courthouse in the city (“Murder and Mayhem” as it’s known among the ASA’s here). I love my job, love writing and reading about Chicago. I used to be a newspaper columnist in college…you can find my scribblings online for that as well. I read A Public Defender…and some others.

  2. Awesome, Rob. I’ve added you to my blogroll and feed reader. Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to your comments to my review of Your Witness, which I’m hammering out right now.

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