New Harris County Criminal Law Blog

HCSO Blog (tagline: Only the smart people are frustrated).

[Edit: The anonymous author links to me because of my intelligence. I think I’ve got that right.]


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  1. That’s odd. I only read your blog because I think you are an idiot. Let me see, a HCSO deputy (high school diploma, maybe?) thinks you are intelligent, I (J.D.) don’t. Hmmmmmmm

  2. First, I suspect that you may be missing out on some better use of your time than reading blogs because you think they’re written by idiots. Thanks for reading, anyway.

    Second, my blog, my rules. I generally don’t tolerate anonymous abuse toward anyone. In this case I’ll make an exception to illustrate my third point:

    You suffer the educated snob’s fallacy that that education is intelligence. They used to print t-shirts that said “I go to Rice, I must be smart.” Not so, of course. Your JD doesn’t make you smart, any more than mind makes me smart.

    Some of the smartest people I know are entirely unschooled, and some of the dumbest managed, with lots of hard work, to get through law school. You impress me as a hard worker.

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