Take That, Fort Collins!

MSNBC says that Houston is the fourth best American city to live in. (H/T Tory Gattis’s Houston Strategies blog, which I just happened upon. Tory is a Rice classmate of mine.) I’m mildly surprised.

I’ve long said that Houston is the Promised Land for criminal-defense lawyers (despite, or perhaps because of what U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee calls “the many misgivings surrounding the Harris County judicial system”) but the things that make Houston right for me don’t necessarily recommend it to the ordinary citizen.


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  1. Gee, somebody really likes heat, humidity and hurricanes, I guess. As for it being the promised land for criminal defense lawyers, I would think it would be Philadelphia, especially if I didn’t have to deal with the opposing lawyers, the judges and sometimes the clients. Great profession, eh?

  2. Did they include WEATHER amongst the factors? Because if they did, I would surprised Houston is not in the bottom four 😉 (Then again, I deal with 20 degrees below zero sometimes, so perhaps I should not poke fun at a city that has created a way to avoid going outside for a whole summer).

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