Another Odd Victory

Today a Harris County jury gave my 26-year-old client six years in prison for stealing $780,000 worth of material from his employer, 3M. The prosecutor’s last plea offer was 15 years. Six years is not the longest prison sentence I’ve ever considered a win, but it’s not the shortest.

We’ve filed a notice of appeal — I am certain that the evidence that the complainant owned the property was insufficient as a matter of law; this ought to get us a reversal-and-rendition. If he isn’t able to make bond on appeal, or if I’m wrong about the reversal, I expect that he’ll probably serve six months to a year in prison before being paroled.

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  1. Discounting probation that’s what? 1 year more than the minimum and more importantly 40% of the State’s offer?

    That’s a win.

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