I Thought I was an Infomaniac . . .

. . . but it turns out that I’m just normally infovorous. USC professor Irving Biederman writes:

Gaze at something that leads to a novel interpretation . . . and that will spur higher levels of associative activity in opioid-dense areas. We are thus thrilled when new insights tap into what we have previously learned. We seek ways to feed our opioid desires; we are willing to endure the line at the movie theater in anticipation of the pleasure within. We pay more for a room with a view or a cup of coffee at a Parisian sidewalk cafe.

That explains the pleasure I find in scavenging other areas of knowledge for ideas that might be applied to criminal defense trial lawyering. (Don’t tell anyone, or they’ll start passing laws against it.)

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  1. If they criminalize it, I think we should definitely follow up with Infomaniac Registration. If you were only mildly curious, and under 19 at the time of the offense, it will only be a 10 year registration period.

    However, given Mark’s level of curiosity and his age, he will obviously have Lifetime Registration.

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