The Scavenging Thread

I like to read about fields other than law (improvisational theatre, comedy, chaos studies, interrogation, acting, survival, hypnosis, the Tao, NLP, aikido, etc.) that I think might be relevant to the practice of criminal trial law. I’m always looking for more suggestions — for example, when Western Justice wrote about Statement Analysis, I ordered the book (which I’m reading now).
Please take a few moments to leave a comment and share your own suggestions. If you could give me a few words on how you relate the material to what we do, it’d be most helpful.

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  1. My favorite (which is also very helpful in family law) is psychology. I read Taoism, but that’s more to remain calm in the midst of chaos.

  2. No book list can go without Robert Traver’s Small Town DA. A little book, a quick read, and excellent stories. As to more academic books, I recommend “Courtroom 302” which is a well written account of the Chicago Criminal Justice sysem

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