Million-Dollar Legal Advice

I’ve been saying it on the internet for 10 years in my Million-Dolar Legal Advice: don’t talk to the police.

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  1. This is a great tape, most people should listen to it (although it is a bit harsh). Speaking with an attorney can easily avoid all sorts of hastles. People forget that it is a police officer’s agenda to arrest, fine or otherwise punish, it is not necessarily their agenda to “find justice.”

  2. Mark,

    A topic that I would like your opinion on:

    I have been doing research regarding how many states still allow for jury trials on cases where the punishment is less than a year in jail. So far, I have found only 20 or so states that still give jury trials for “misdemeanors.” I have heard through contacts in Austin that there will be a bill proposed to end jury trials for all class B and C misdemeanors. While I think this would save money in the JP and Municipal courts, I am not sure it would pass Constitutional muster on Class B cases.

    I can already guess your thoughts on Class B cases, but what about Class C cases?

  3. Class C cases are criminal cases, which require jury trials under Article 1 Section 10 of the Texas Constitution. To do away with class B (including DWI and POM) and class C jury trials would require an amendment to the Texas Constitution.

    Scary thought. Bad public policy.

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