New Contributor to the Practical Blawgosphere

ECILCrime, by Illinois criminal-defense lawyer Jeremy Richey. I’ve added it to the blogroll. Jeremy is a concise writer, and posts regularly.
ECILCrime reads like it’s written mostly for clients and potential clients; maybe Jeremy hasn’t yet learned the Secret of the Blawgosphere. Give him time.

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  1. Easy Gideon, you’ll scare him. I’m trying to encourage some local blawging (so I know who to call if my nefarious plans come undone), and you’re not helping here.

  2. Gideon: Uh … you didn’t ask. If you ask (nicely), I will link to you. Believe it or not, I don’t visit every blog out there.

    Scott: Thank you.

  3. All right, kids. Simmer down.

    Jeremy, I recommend that you put A Public Defender in your feed reader. If you find something worthy of mention in your blog (I think you will), then write about it, disagree with it, riff on it, laud it or ridicule it. Gideon will magically know that you’ve done so, and he’ll be a happier figment of our collective imagination.

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