Jury Trials Blowing Away

Today’s robbery jury trial went away because the alleged complaining witness signed an affidavit yesterday swearing that my client hadn’t robbed him (he also swore that he had told the prosecutor the same thing, but the prosecutor claims otherwise). Tomorrow’s DUI jury trial in Harris County is going to be put off because jury call has been canceled — something about a tropical storm bearing down on us.

That leaves my third scheduled jury trial of the week, a DUI in Austin, as the only one that might actually happen. And Austin DWI defense lawyer Jamie Spencer sent me the juror information forms by email, which is pretty cool, in my opinion — in Harris County we don’t get them till the jurors are on their way to the courtroom from the jury assembly building.

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  1. I meant to send them to you last week actually, but I forgot to stop by and get them. You get them the day of, hunh?

    I would say that sucks, but I can’t say I’ve always been on the ball enough to get them a week early. (Duuuuh!)

    You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, I guess…

  2. Mark, when’s your trial? I have hearings in the old courthouse on Wed and Thur a.m. but, if time permits, would love to see you in action.

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