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If you’re a criminal-defense lawyer interested in the art of criminal defense trial lawyering, order Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art and read it now.


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  1. Thank you. I will try to read this book when I have time, the contents are interesting, and appear to be some kind of artistic – improvisational theory of life and a way to become a better lawyer, like a Gerry Spence.

    Basic: Contents – “Free Play – Improvisation in Life and Art:”

    Sources: Inspiration and time’s flow; the vehicle; the stream; the muse; mind at play; disappearing.

    Work: Sex and violins; practice; the power of limits, the power of mistakes; playing together; form unfolding.

    Obstacles and Openings: Childhoold’s end; vicious circles, the judging spectre, surrender, patience, ripening.

    The Fruits: Eros and creation; quality; art for life’s sake; heartbreakthrough.
    Yours in the Defense of Fellow Human Beings,
    Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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