Tell Me Again Who the Victim of this Particular Crime Is?

Beaumont, Texas police officer fired after an assistant chief finds out that, in the course of investigating of prostitution ring, the officer received oral sex a half-dozen or so times (and maybe “one ‘active coitus’”, according to his lawyer) with the approval of his supervisor and his wife.

In Texas, “I’m a police officer” is not actually a legal defense to most criminal charges. By statute, a cop may possess controlled substances in the course of his work, but he can’t legally solicit sex for money. So Officer Watts shouldn’t be too surprised if he finds himself dumped further into the grease by his former employer.


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  1. Mark, you, of all people, should understand the important of establishing proof BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Like the Minnesota officers who displayed admirably poor marksmanship toward innocent homeowners, this officers deserves our praise, not our condemnation. After all, unlike many ambiguous sting tapes that are all (garbled) talk and no action, in this case he left NO DOUBT about the intentions of the defendant. When he “makes” a case, he REALLY “MAKES” a case.

  2. Following orders became an incredibly flimsy defense during Vietnam, and it probably won’t work here. Isn’t the officer aware that there are lines for officers as well as citizens?

  3. Oh come on Tarian

    Mark is not saying the officer isn’t entitled to his rights. It’s all about hypocrisy. If you want to wrap yourself in the flag and stand for “truth, justice, and the American way” then you shouldn’t be getting blow jobs in the name of those virtues.

  4. I’m with Tarian on this one. A cop “taking one for the team” is exemplary, and this one took at least half a dozen. This self-sacrifice should be awarded, and praised — and, if it were, think of all the new recruits to law enforcement that might result.

    I mean, free doughnuts are one thing — but think of the recruitment posters: “Beaumont PD: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut” ; “BPD: We’re Not Afraid to Let It All Hang Out to Get to the Truth” ; etc.

  5. His wife agreed because a felony arrest was “worth it.”

    Holy hell! I wonder….

    Crim. Def. Attorney, “Honey, I got a new client today. She says she got picked up for prostitution.”

    Wife, “Well offer her twenty bucks for an Angry Dragon, and see what she says.”

    …..perks are good.

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