You Know Your Organization is in Trouble When . . .

. . . you have your HR officer send out a bulk email explaining the procedure for resigning:

From: Walker, Gale

Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:31 PM

To: All DA Employees

Subject: Resigned Employees…

Friendly Reminder…

Re: Letter of Resignation

All Employees of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office (including Summer Paid Interns) are required to submit a preferred two-week notice of resignation. Upon notification of resignation, please have the Employee send an official Letter of Resignation, addressed to: District Attorney, Ken Magidson. When Payroll receives the approved notice of resignation, an Exit Check List will be prepared for the Employee to turn in on their last official work day.

Thank You,

Gale Walker

Harris County District Attorney’s Office

Human Resource Officer


Query: are employees who fail to follow the proper procedure required to keep working at the DA’s Office?

(And are these the “resigned” employees referred to in the subject line?)


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  1. You would think with the hundreds of thousands of dollars these das rake in that they would never leave, no?

  2. No AHCL,

    DA’s don’t own yachts and jets, they just have “friends” that take them out on fishing trips and fly them to hunting lodges.

    Or they just get a judge to sign a Order and they seize it and have a forfeiture hearing while you are in jail!!!

  3. A little early in the morning for corruption insinuations, isn’t it Remy?
    I guess I must have missed the boat on the fishing trips and hunting lodges. And I can’t really seem to recall an ADA receiving an asset forfeiture as his or her personal property.
    But, if you feel better believing that the D.A.’s office is a group of thieves and corrupt officials, you go right ahead.

  4. I wouldn’t go as far as corrupt but up until a few years ago, confiscated weapons were “disposed” of at the Sheriffs discretion. Lets just say there are a couple of prosecutors with small armories in their homes. As for the yachting, while only one ADA’s family owns a boat, most of them belong to the local yacht clubs.

    Im just saying…

  5. Aren’t Harris County prosecutors employees-at-will? If so, there’s no need to submit a resignation letter at all.

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